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  • 2014 tumblr: a madrigal (Italian madrigale, "song in the mother tongue") is a fourteenth-century Italian poetic form and its musical setting having two or three stanzas followed by a ritornello, a sixteenth-century Italian poem having any number of lines, each of seven or eleven syllables, or a polyphonic or concertato setting of such a poem or of a sonnet or other nonrepetitive VERSE form. May also be an English polyphonic work imitating the Italian genre.

So… the shuffle meme, to prove to eloquentgifs that opera doesn’t show up as often as I’d like to:

Wicked game - HIM (although of course my favorite version is Pipilotti Rist’s ;b)

Cheerful dirge -Theatre of tragedy (ah.. the old good times when I used to listen this. There are better songs, and better bands.)

Buried - Persephone (the other project of Sonja Kraushofer, better know for be the singer of L’Âme immortelle)

Meie din, liehter schin - Corvus Corax from Inter deum et Diabolum musica semper est

Fight - Deine Lakaien (again, they have better songs)

La Mort d’Arthur - Sopor Aeternus

All’armi vi chiami - Il crociato in Egitto [Giacomo Meyerbeer] (end of act I)

Hieremiae Prophetae Lamentationes (some mexican baroque by Manuel de Zumaya)

Publio, ascolta - La Clemenza di Tito [Mozart] (Vitella’s recitative preceding to s’altro che lacrime)

Witch Hunt -Toshiyuki Watanabe [Devilman lady OST] (yeah, sure, good luck trying to find that…)

[BONUS] Carmiña Vacaloura - Mestre Reverendo (‘cause it’s my favorite song from the children tv show I used to see as a kid, and I don’t want to missed a chance to show it to everyone every time I can, ‘cause it rocks, and ‘cause it has the most disturbing video clip that a ten years old child can see -and mainly because eloquentgifs managed to get hoxe son un punk and I am jealous of the shitty songs I got-)